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Cardiovascular Fitness

Maintaining a healthy body and preventing avoidable mobility problems is essential for contributing to the quality of both our professional and personal lives. A healthier body promotes emotional wellbeing and contributes greatly to the enjoyment of life.

The main factors which promote physical health and which we can control in our daily lives are: Physical Activity and sensible Nutrition.

Excess body fat and absence of regular exercise increase the risk and/or progression of Cardiovascular Disease, Type 2 Diabetes, and Hypertension. These are chronic diseases with complications affecting not only the heart, but other important organs such as the kidneys , the liver and the eyes.

Excess body fat can also limit muscle and joint movements and increase the risk of Osteoarthritis, which causes daily pain and poor mobility, with significant reduction of quality of life.

A primary and essential intervention for managing and maintaining weight loss is physical activity, increasing stamina. It leads to cardiovascular fitness and can also prevent the creeping weight gain that often accompanies advancing age.

The number of overweight and obese individuals has climbed to a current 66% of the adult population in the USA and it keeps increasing in the western world. So have the chronic diseases as mentioned above.

At Christchurch Hall Surgery we firmly believe in achieving cardiovascular fitness via the most natural and simple method which is a regular, supervised exercise programme in association with a healthy, low fat and low sugar diet. There are no other proven ways round it!

Exercise can be fun and suited to your own individual needs. A programme can be designed to suit your own goals and physical health.

We have a long established collaboration with Personal Fitness Instructors who are highly qualified, motivated and understand personal needs. They provide a service which helps individuals optimise their potential through an integrated, multifaceted and personal approach to health and fitness. They can devise personal individual exercise programmes ranging from aerobic, Resistance training and improving strength.

The choice to be fit and enhance your quality of life is yours!

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