Christchurch Hall Surgery

20 Edison Road, Crouch End, London N8 8AE

Dental Emergency Policy

If you have an emergency dental problem, the Doctors kindly ask that you do not make an appointment to come and see them about it. Dental problems include toothache, dental abscesses and gum problems.

We are not trained to deal safely with such problems – Dentists are. We also do not have adequate facilities to diagnose them. We therefore request that if you have an emergency dental problem and you cannot get a timely appointment with a dentist, that you contact the Haringey emergency dental line on 0203 594 0938. If you are unable to get treatment through this route then the next port of call is to attend A & E.

Many people feel that they need antibiotics for their dental problem. Although this is sometimes the case, often they are needed in conjunction with other emergency dental treatment. We are not qualified to make that assessment. The dentist can prescribe antibiotics if they are needed.

Sometimes patients have been informed by their dental surgeries that they cannot fit them in for an appointment for a few days. They are then informed that they should obtain a prescription for antibiotics to cover them until that time. This is not safe prescribing practice and we are unhappy to comply with this. If the dentist feels that you need antibiotics, then it is the dentist’s duty to assess you and prescribe them if they feel they are needed.

As we are unable to safely deal with emergency dental problems, we will be asking any patients who call asking for an appointment in order to discuss an emergency dental problem to the above number or A & E.