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Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional therapy is the use of nutrition science for the improvement of health and wellbeing. Using diet, lifestyle interventions and where necessary nutritional supplementation, nutritional therapy supports the body’s own capacity for optimal health and vitality.

Nutrition is one of our oldest forms of healthcare, forming the core of many ancient medical models. It is a natural, safe and highly effective therapeutic intervention for a wide variety of conditions, but it also offers one of the most accessible preventative healthcare tools available.

Weight Management * Energy Balance * Healthy Ageing * Gastrointestinal Health * Mood and Mental Clarity * Tissue Health * Hormonal Balance


Registered Nutritional Therapist Taru Towers is trained in and practices according to the Functional Medicine model. This scientific and evidence-based approach recognises the interconnected contribution of our genetic background, living environment, lifestyle, diet and emotional state in relation to our health and wellbeing.

Where appropriate, Taru uses tools like laboratory and genetic testing and food allergy / sensitivity testing to get to the root causes of possible imbalances. The use of such tests are always discussed with the client and only used if appropriate. This also applies to possible supplementation, which is prescribed where appropriate. The use of a body-composition device (DF-50) is applied with weight management clients and the report is included in the consultation fee.


Prior to a consultation, you will be sent a questionnaire to fill in. This includes a three-day food diary, to which you mark down your intake of foods, drinks and possible symptoms experienced.

Please send your completed form to before your consultation or alternatively bring it with you to your consultation.

We often see clients 3-5 sessions for successful and sustained results, but this naturally depends on your reasons for attending the clinic as well as your goals. It is good to remember that changing habits – especially dietary habits – is a process and best tackled in stages.

If you have any questions about nutritional therapy and its suitability for you and your goals, don’t hesitate to contact Taru at

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