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Remedial & Sports Massage

Scott Timms (Dip PT & SMT)

Sports and remedial massage are soft tissue therapies that use a hands on approach to treating muscular injury, discomfort and fatigue.

Treatment includes a variety of massage techniques and stretching methods that promotes circulation to muscles and encourages the body to relax and repair.

An overall improvement to the body's soft tissue condition will help increase flexibility and range of movement. As a result excess tension is relieved and weak and overstretched muscles are stimulated. This leads to improved balance between muscle groups and greater postural awareness will develop.

Anyone who suffers from a condition which limits their daily activities, will benefit from a deep tissue, sports massage.

Benefits include

  • Stimulating circulation thus encouraging removal of metabolic waste products from the tissues and supplying fresh nutrients to the muscle
  • Improved soft tissue mobility
  • Increased rate of healing and tissue repair
  • Reduced blood pressure
  • Reduced risk of injury and relief of localised pain

For appointments or advice please contact Scott via:

Telephone: 07971 669 338